Boating and diving are often connected, so we want our clients to improve their skills.

This tour is not only an adventure but also an educating program for those who wish to stay safe during vacations.

These amazing sea creatures give our tourists the best experience while diving & boating.

This is one of the best spots for underwater wildlife & snorkeling tours adventures!

This tour gives you an opportunity to get a certificate while having the best time of your life! Learn more and join us.

Snorkeling expeditions are another awesome type of underwater adventures for divers.

If you like adrenaline we are excited to offer our shark & whale tour! Quality equipment and safety are guaranteed!

Relax and enjoy boat/yacht sailing. Book any boat online and experience the best sea adventure ever!

Fun, exciting tours for diving with dolphins, underwater wildlife introduction and exclusive sailing tours!

Golf Club Salzgitter / Liebenburg e.V.

Sportpark Mahner Berg

38259 Salzgitter-Bad


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Die Öffnungszeiten unseres Sekretariats im März

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13:00 – 13:45 Uhr

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gcsalzgitter © 2024. All Rights Reserved.